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Mirrors needed!

Oct 02, 2006 in Linux, Slamd64

Ok, most of you know that I help out quite a bit with the Slamd64 project. I’m working on getting some more bandwidth/disk space for more mirrors. Now, we really need a UK mirror, but mirrors in other countries are welcome as well. Preferrably something with high bandwidth. If you think you can help, hit me up at the email at the bottom of this page. As always, thanks to everyone who helps with the Slamd64 project.

Slamd64 mirror

Jun 16, 2006 in Linux, Slamd64

Thanks go to skac from ##slackware on freenode for donating space on one of his servers for me to host a nice Slamd64 mirror. The mirror is located at and has http/ftp/rsync protocols ready to be used.