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Friday, August 10th, 2007 @ 10:47 pm | ripoff

It seems that a few people over at the Bluewhite64 project seem to think that my article “I can’t take it anymore” is a troll on that distribution. In fact, it is a personal opinion that has come from definite evidence that Bluewhite64 is a complete rip off of Slamd64 and its maintainer’s work.

This all started when this article (original text) was found on Tux Machines. Now, if you didn’t read close enough it states “As a one-man-team, Arny has managed to port if not all, then almost the full Slackware distro to the 64-bit arch in a matter of months.” Months? Months?!? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is where everything stemmed with my disgust at Bluewhite64. I’m sure its a great distribution. You know why? Because the work Arny supposedly did was the work Fred Emmott had already accomplished. There has never been an acknowledgment from the maintainer of Bluewhite64 of Fred Emmott’s work. Until that day comes, Bluewhite64 will continue to make me utterly sick.

Arny used Slamd64’s earlier versions to base his work for Bluewhite64. The only thing he did was 1) install Slamd64 2) rebuild all the packages but omitting /usr/lib64 and keeping all libraries in /usr/lib and 3) 64bit only support with no 32bit compatibility. Now, would you call this a new distribution? No, I would call it a fork of the original work.

These aren’t the only issues. I and Fred have both sat in irc channels and Arny come and ask for help to get something working. Funny thing is, it seemed to happen every time -current of Slamd64 was updated and something was broken in the tree which was still being worked on. Odd eh?

Not to mention the fact that, well, there are still comments in Bluewhite64 slackbuilds that were in Slamd64.

Interesting. So, speak of a troll as you may. Slamd64 release cycle is a bit slow at this time and if you paid attention to the Slamd64 site you would see why. The developer is working on the KDE4 project and quite a few other things.

So, Bluewhite64, get off your high horse, admit what you did, and we’ll all move on. You still, till this day will not acknowledge the work of Fred Emmott and the fact you FORKED his distribution and didn’t port Slackware yourself.

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